Makerbeam Wire Clamp

Wire clamp for my DIY 3D Printer based on a mix of 101hero parts and Makerbeam profiles. You can download the STL file at Thingiverse. Here the Tinkercad Link.

Open Source Letterboxd – WordPress Plugin

I uploaded the Letterboxd Activity WordPress Plugin to GitHub. You can find it here: When i find some time and ideas, i try to improve and update the plugin. If you run into issues, feel free to get on touch. You will find more stuff here:

New Letterboxd – WordPress Plugin

I’ve been working on a new wordpress plugin. The plugin is used to display my recent reviews on Letterboxd. The current status can be seen in the sidebar. The design is currently based on the Letterboxd review page. If you are interested, please contact me. If you run into issues, feel free to get on…

Letterboxd – WordPress Plugin

It looks like there is no wordpress plugin available which shows your Letterboxd activity. Because of that I’ve been working on a new plugin for a few days. You can see the current status in the sidebar. The plugin will be available soon.

Mein GitHub

Hier mein GitHub Profil: Alle meine Opensource Projekte hoste ich auf Github für maximale Erreichbarkeit und um sie der breiten Masse zu präsentieren.

Hello world 4.0!

Neustart meines Blog, wie gewohnt mit Themen rund um Alles und Nichts.